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Mon Jul 02, 2018 10:01 am

Does the protomax have any low pressure piercing capabilities.
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Tue Jul 03, 2018 8:09 am

No, well, yes, or kind of / sort of:

The “Yes” part: Generally speaking, when one asks about low pressure piercing capabilities, what they are really getting at is, “will this pierce my brittle or laminated material (glass, stone, carbon fiber, etc.) without cracking or blistering it?" This is where the answer is “yes”. In most cases, most materials, even brittle and laminated materials can be pierced with the ProtoMAX without cracking or blistering them. This is because the pump is turned on and off at each pierce point, and when it does so it ramps up from zero to full pressure over an extended time interval that is tuned to give very good piercing capabilities.

The “No” part: Unlike piercing in most other OMAX, MAXIEM, and GlobalMAX machines, there is no specific “low pressure” mode commanded by the software. The machine operates at a fixed pressure commanded as either “jet on” or “jet off”. However, because of the pump pressure ramping, as well as the relatively low final operating pressure, it generally handles most requirements for low pressure piercing exceptionally well.

Have a look at the following parts posted as examples of normally difficult to pierce materials that came out very nicely:

Holes drilled into carbon fiber and glass for a paint brush

Holes drilled in black and white granite

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