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Thu Sep 20, 2018 4:40 pm

Is the 1" thickness spec a hard limit, or can the material exceed 1"? We occasionally make 4"x4"x1.2" parts, of cold rolled or hot rolled steel.

It's fine if it would cut slower or less accurately, just need to know if it would cut at all.
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Fri Sep 21, 2018 8:45 am

Hello, yes, you can cut above 1" with some slight modifications. You can loosen the brackets that hold the inlet body and move it up to the height you need to clear as long as you are not compromising the HP line and garnet feed line connections. We would need to pre-approve the set up to assure there is no safety issue or warranty impact. Please note:

(1) - Cut time will be slow and consume a lot of garnet. We have cut a 9" long piece of Al, 1" thick which took 38 minutes. The hopper lasts about 1 hour when full so you will want to make sure you are watching usage and replenish before you run out.
(2) - Instead of cutting a single thick piece, perhaps cut two thinner pieces, and stack them. This will be much faster than 2x, but of course may not meet the spec for the final part.
(3) - Cut out of an easier to cut material like Aluminum that cuts twice as fast as steel, or plastic which is faster yet.
(5) - Cut at a lower cutting "quality" which makes for a worse part, but cuts faster.

Please also feel free to call us at 1-818-647-1994 or email to discuss in detail.
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