Intake and Drainage Diameters

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Fri Dec 28, 2018 8:10 pm

Hello folks,
I know this isn't quite the right spot for this question, but the Tech support at Omax ( who have been exceedingly helpful in answering my previous questions) is out of the office for the holidays and couldn't direct me to more specific information than what is available in thier manuals.

The water source for our machine will be well over 20' away from where we are placing the machine. Therefore we need a longer hose than is provided. I am wondering if anyone with a machine on hand could tell me what the diameter for the intake and outlet fittings.

Thank you very much
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Dave F
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Wed Jan 02, 2019 10:07 am

Hello, thanks for sending in your request and looking forward to talking further soon. The part number and description of the hose that attaches to your water source is 100697: HOSE, 3/8IN ID, HEAVY WALL PVC, CLEAR BRAIDED, (5/8In OD). The part number and description of the hose that attaches to your tank drain is 101122: TUBING, 1IN ID X 1-1/4IN OD, PVC CLEAR. The standard length, for both, that is shipped with the system is 10 feet. To reach 20 feet, you may purchase an additional quantity of hose (120 inches) from OMAX via the online Marketplace, or, purchase locally at any DIY store when you purchase the specific fittings your water source requires. (We do not supply the fittings as we are never quite sure what would be required.)

Looking forward to working with you!
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