How do I locate my cut to an existing part?

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Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:29 am

I have an existing part, and I need to precisely cut a shape into it. How can I make sure that the cut I make is where I want it on the existing part?

For example, say I have a circular disk, and I want to cut a hole in the exact center of that disk, that is concentric to the outer edge?
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Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:41 am

Thanks for the excellent question. First thing is locate the 0,0, point on the table. Your software will have a DXF file for a new bracket. Cut bracket from either .125" aluminum or SS so it will not rust. Remove the bracket which came with ProtoMAX and mount the new bracket on the table per instructions. The inside corner of the bracket is your new 0,0, point which will be the starting point for the new file.
In LAYOUT, If the circle is 2 in. dia., draw a 2" square and place the 2" circle precisely in the square, or use the frame command. Access the Help command at the top of your screen to accomplish this. The lower left 0,0, corner point on the table will be the 0,0, point on the drawing. Draw the file with initial traverse starting at the 0,0, point.

Securely mount the disc to the table and cut away.

Even parts with unusual shapes can locate the 0,0, point by using the frame command.

If you want to make a simple hole anywhere on the part. Locate the center point of the hole on the material by using a mark or punch. Draw the file with the center point of the hole as the start point of the drawing. Move nozzle to mark on material and cut away

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