Can I cut things that are larger than the machine?

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Thu Sep 14, 2017 11:47 am

Can I cut things that are larger than the machine (for example, feed larger material in from the side?)
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Mon Sep 18, 2017 5:29 pm

The ProtoMAX is designed with a cutting area of 12" x 12" (about 300 x 300 mm), and is not designed for anything larger. It is possible to put material into the machine that is a little bit larger than this, though. This technically makes it possible to cut parts that are larger than the normal cutting area by being clever in how you fixture and locate your material, and align your tool path (though this is a bit awkward and not recommended for beginners). It is also reasonable, and easier, to rotate your material around to cut additional smaller parts from a larger sheet in some cases.

For some parts, if you cut on the diagonal of the 12" square, then you can make a part up to about 16" (400 mm) in length, assuming the part is such that it makes sense to cut on the diagonal.

If you have parts that require a larger machine, the files made with the ProtoMAX software will run directly on any GlobalMAX, MAXIEM, or OMAX branded machine. There are many job shops out there that would be happy to take your file and cut it for you.

OMAX also sells larger machines, of course with a huge range of sizes and capabilities, accessories, software, and price points. Visit the OMAX Corporate Web Site for an overview of these options.

Here is a link to the range of other GlobalMAX, MAXIEM, and OMAX abrasive waterjet machines available.

If you are looking for a low cost large size table, you might consider the GlobalMAX line. If you are looking for more features, accessories, productivity, 3D Cutting, rotary axis cutting, more advanced and feature rich software, automation, precision, and the like, then consider the MAXIEM and OMAX lines.
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