Deeper Cutting!

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Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:24 pm

A local business had asked me what's better, a laser or a water jet? That's easy! Waterjets duh! We both laughed, but then got down to business. After listing off about 20 materials we came to a strange one. Petrified Charcoal. I know lasers would stand no chance against that because the piece was rather large. So of course without measuring it I said "I got a ProtoMAX that can cut that". Once I placed the rock on the cutting bed I saw a problem... that turned into a solution. I needed a deeper cutting bed.

For the material I tore down an old pallet for its plywood top and some remnant aluminum plate I found in the scrap bin. Then assembled it with a screw gun.
Once it was assembled I set it inside the slat bed, it was a very tight fit by design, so it wouldn't bounce around.
Using this for material with a machine ability number less than 400ish isn't recommended, but after some testing the petrified charcoal was around 500. So it should be just fine. I will show you all how that turned out in the projects area later on. Until then, enjoy.
deep cuts.ORD
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Wed Feb 12, 2020 3:43 pm

Very ingenious! ProtoMAX allows cutting up to 3" thick within the cutting models for the software, any material. Check out another drop slat application at: . Thanks for sharing!
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