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Is there a nester in the software?

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  • Does Intelli-MAX support nesting? Yes
  • Is there a nester built into the software? No, but there are plenty of options.
Nesting is a very good way to cut multiple parts at once from a single sheet of material. While the ProtoMAX version of the Intelli-MAX software does not include an official nesting feature, there are still plenty of good options for nesting:

* Use the Copy and Rotate and Mirror, and similar drawing tools in LAYOUT to hand-nest. You can also drag and drop OMAX files into the editor from Windows Explorer, to "assemble" them together. What you draw in LAYOUT can be very complex and include many parts in a nest. The Auto-path command in LAYOUT is designed to handle nests quite well. This is probably the most common solution for simple nests and similar path groupings.

* You can use most any 3rd party nesting software. Typically these are sold for industrial markets, so tend to be expensive. OMAX does sell such packages in the OMAX Marketplace.

* Lower cost and "pay as you go" solutions are available such as or, and similar.

The ProtoMAX software can handle quite complex and large files, that include many parts within a single path.

It is also possible to make a path where one part is cut inside the cutout of another part. The following sample file illustrates this:
PartsInsideOfPartsOnWhite.png (12.98 KiB) Viewed 2781 times
If you have the ProtoMAX software installed, you can find this part in the Samples folder here:


Please note that when cutting parts inside of parts like this, it is important to cut the internal parts first. Otherwise, if you cut the outer part first, the part will wiggle around when cutting the inner parts, causing the cut to come out horrible. The automatic tool pather does consider this, of course.
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