How fast and how well can the ProtoMAX cut?

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The ProtoMAX is the fastest cutting waterjet of its size. It has a 5 hp pump and operates at a pressure of 30,000 PSI. Industrial waterjets operate at pressures between 45,000 and 90,000 PSI so while you're not going to cut at industrial speeds, you will still cut fast.

Below is an image of a table (click on it to view) that shows some basic materials, thicknesses and linear cutting speed. All cuts were performed at Quality 3 (Q3). Edge quality is defined within a range of Q1 – Q5 with Q5 being the best, i.e. with very little serration or roughness. You can choose quality of cut within the ProtoMAX control software which optimizes the speed of cut by selecting the fastest path for quality chosen.


It's also important to consider the impact an actual programmed cut has on linear speed. Linear cutting speed is what one could expect to achieve when cutting in straight line. When cutting real-world geometry with curves and corners, the cutting is significantly slower, due to the need to slow down the cutting for the jet behaviors. Parts with lots of corners will be significantly slower than straight line cuts or shallow curves. All of this calculation is handled for you automatically by ProtoMAX MAKE's built in cutting models.