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Hey folks,
I found a super easy way to make a neat name 'plate'. Though plate really doesn't apply to this, it isn't flat and probably wouldn't want to hang it on a door or wall.
Using the handy function of 'Text' in the Draw bar you can make a super easy name plate or sign for your desk or for a friend or what have you.
Simply click on the Text button in the Draw bar in Layout, then click on the drawing area. When the dialog appears type some text in the first text box in the dialog, this will give you a preview in the window at the bottom of the dialog.
The attachment NameFonts.PNG is no longer available
There are a few different fonts suitable for an easy name/phrase plate. BEMO, EZName, Blazed_Inside, so on and so forth. But if you want to stick with easy to use, any font that shows the letters connected together by a bar or some sort of frame will work best. Go ahead, click through them all, some are pretty cool, but would take a bit of modification if you don't want just a bunch of loose letters.

I used what was called BEMO for my name that sits on my desk here at work. Selected the BEMO font, made sure my name was in the text box and spelled correctly and clicked ok.

Note: if your name or words are a bit long, you want to make sure the length fits on the cutting bed.
I simply cut mine out, took it to the polishing wheel, used a bit of 'Rouge' polishing compound and Viola!
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