ProtoCLOCK 11 in. clock Part 1

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Clock face design – Robert W.
Clock face designed modified and cut – Christine L.
Clock encasement design and cut – Ian M.
Assembly – Patty B.

This project was an accidental team effort. Robert designed the clock face and Christine drew it in LAYOUT and cut 3 pieces.
Robert gave one of the pieces to Patty. Patty saw a display in the OMAX demo room as an idea for the clock embellishment.
Patty needed to cut out the back hole in the mirror for the clock motor, and Ian needed to test cutting brittle materials on the ProtoMAX. Ian looked at the plans and created and cut the housing design of the clock.

Materials and cost:
Omax ProtoMAX part $ cost Vendor
Clock face 35 steel supply store
dials and motor 8
lights 5 ebay
mirror 4.5 Michael's
spacers x 5 68 steel supply store
glaze 6 Home Dept
1 x 12 x 12 in. HDPE plastic 15 online store
Screws and nuts x 4 3 hardware store

Click download the files below for the ProtoClock.
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